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 Places to train!

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PostSubject: Places to train!   Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:06 pm

Places to Train
Now this isn't some weird "OMGLYKWTF TRAIN HERE OR DIE!" thing, it's just suggesting on where to train.

Level 1-4: Blue and Green Snails in Maple Island and Lith.
Level 4-6: Blue, Red, Green Snails and Shrooms in Maple Island and around Henesys.
Level 6-10: Do not train on [Orange Mushroom]]s, for they are far too difficult and will take many hits to kill. Snails and Shrooms are still good EXP at this level.
Level 10-15: Slimes. If you haven't already went through the First Job Adv. at level 10 you have to restart and make a new character because if you advance late you will lose out crucial skill points. Buy your items, and some potions. Good places for Slimes are in Ellinia or Henesys. You can also hunt in Kerning City Construction Site for orange mushrooms.
Level 15-20: Pigs and Ribbon Pigs. Pig Beach is great, since there is a vast amount of Pigs, but a vast amount of people. Just keep looking around for a place in Pig Beach but if you can't kill them in 1-2 hits, you can still level off of Orange Mushrooms at Henesys.
Level 21-30: Green Mushrooms and Horned Mushrooms are great monsters for Rouges. EXP is sure to go up fast. Try the Green and Horned Mushroom tree in Ellinia. You can also try doing the Party Quest in Kerning City.
Players Note: Green Mushroom tree (right beside Slime Tree) is recommended for Bandits, as Horny Mushrooms take too much MP on double stab and too long to kill it without special attacks.

Level 30-34: Wild Boars and Evil Eyes are good for now. As an Assassin, you may want to try Wild Boars, as for a Bandit, try Evil Eyes. Also, if you're into making big money from drops go to Chronos in Ludibrium but only if you have many potions and you are an Assassin.
Note From Player: Bandits can also go to Wild Boars around level 33-35. Levels 30-32 should go to Ant Tunnel 1 & 2 and train on Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms.

Level 35-40: By now, you should be pretty strong. You can make a choice of either Wild Boar or Fire Boar for both Assassin and Bandit. Wild boars would still be good until the mid forty's (40-43),even though it is a pain.
Level 40-45: Try Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner and Jr. Grupins. They give good EXP and great drops.
Player's Note: You can do the Ludibrium PQ for great exp., and great drops.

Level 45-50: By now, you should be able to fight Star Pixies. They drop a fair amount of Pan Lids and give decent EXP. For fast leveling please got the the Ludibrium PQ.
Level 50-55: Star Pixies or Zombie Lupins. Good drops and good EXP. Stone Gollems or Block Golems in Ludibrium would also be good.
Level 55-60: Zombie Lupins, stay there. If your getting bored you could also try the various types of pixies.
Level 60-70: You can either go to Drake's Meal Table (Assasin, Bandit) or Hot Sand (Bandit). Coolie Zombies are the best exp at these levels. It will be hard to get a spot though because pratically every other class trains there.
Level 70-80: It is now the time for 3rd job. For Hermits, they can try out monsters like Yeti & Pepe, Chief Bandits can go to Yeti and Pepe, or they can dish out some sweet damage at Tauromacis. Most people just decide to stay at Coolie Zombies.
Level 80-90: As you are gaining strength, you may want to try Bain (Hermit) or stay at Yeti & Pepe (Chief Bandit, Hermit)
Level 90-100+: As you gain more and more strength, you can experiment on what you want to train on. You can even go for Dark Yeti & Pepe, Crimson Balrog, you name it!
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Places to train!
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