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 Spots to train Archers

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PostSubject: Spots to train Archers   Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:10 pm

Whenever applicable, I'll add in a SNIPING SPOT. This is a training spot where
you can attack monsters with your class-specific weapon without fear of being
hit. Also, because you are safely attacking, you may conserve MP and just attack
normally. Using attack skills from Sniper Spaces is optional.
In the summary of each section, the starred ( * ) monster is the recommended one
to train on.

Level 1-5
Most likely you will get to level 5 as you travel from Mushroom Town to Amherst.
Don't forget to speak with Maria and do her favor for a free headpiece.

Level 5-9
Your STR should be 24/25 by now, and all other AP should go into DEX. Start
taking on Orange Mushrooms around Amherst. You need the caps for Bigg, who will
give you a new weapon. Save 10 Spores and 40 Caps for a quest later.

Level 8-10
Stay on the screen with Maria and fight the snails and shrooms. There are many
safe spots to idle-heal, and you should take down monsters with ease.

Level 10-15
Stay on the first floor of the Henesys Hunting Ground. You may get into
conflicts with other players training, but do your best. Or try the map that is
one screen east of Henesys. Remember, you are using a melee weapon to conserve
arrows, which is probably the weapon Bigg gave you.

Once in a while, feel free to ascend to the second floor to take on Slimes. They
may do some good damage to you, so don't linger around there too long. If a Blue
Snail dropped level 11 clothes, you can take a few more hits from those Slimes.

Henesys Hunting Ground is usually full, so if you're feeling adventurous, try
the Field Up North of Ellinia. There are Slimes and Stumps here, both of which
drop items for quests. These do quite a bit of damage without decent armor, so
do try to avoid attacking multiple monsters at once. Save 120 Squishy Liquids,
100 Tree Branches, and 30 Slime Bubbles for quests. Sell the rest, or keep some
branches for Processed Wood.

SUMMARY: Snail, Blue Snail, Red Snail, Shroom, Slime*, Stump

Level 15-18/20
By this point, you should have a decent melee weapon. I recommend a Metal Axe or
Leather Purse.

Travel to the Tree That Grew, which is a map two screens north of Ellinia. There
should be A LOT of Slimes there, which should do 1 damage per hit now.

If there are too many players there for you to train peacefully, go to Southern
Forest I. From Ellinia, go south 3 screens, and enter the leftmost tree. There
should be A LOT of Slimes here as well. There is only one safe spot to idle-heal
here, and you should be able to find it because lots of players will be standing

Another alternative is Mushroom Garden. Two screens west of Henesys is a large
map with pigs in it. Climb up to the top floor, and on the right platform are
three little mushroom huts. Enter the middle hut to find yourself in the garden,
which has Red Snails, Shrooms, and Orange Mushrooms.

I stayed at the Field Up North of Ellinia because I still needed branches for
Processed Wood.

SNIPING SPOT: In Henesys Hunting Ground I, on the left side of the map are some
platforms to the side. You can stand on those and attack Mushrooms to the right.
Beware, some Slimes from below can jump up to your position, so pay attention to

SUMMARY: Shroom, Red Snail, Stump, Slime*, Orange Mushroom

Level 18/20-25
By now you should have a class-specific weapon, so you can attack from afar.

SNIPING SPOT: A good monster to attack would be Green Mushrooms. Around Ellinia,
you will find trees you can enter. Some of these trees contain Green and Horned
Mushrooms. These trees have platforms where you can safely attack mushrooms
without fear of getting hit by one. I trained here for 4 levels.

Another place to train would be Pig Beach. However, this place is very
unfriendly to archers, and I myself never trained there as an archer. Still, you
may want to pay a visit there because Ribbon Pigs drop Stiff Feathers which you
need to make arrows with. If Pig Beach doesn't suit you, go 2 screens east of
Henesys. This small map houses Pigs of both kind. Because it's small, it may be
difficult to train here because of others around you. But since it's flat, using
a class-specific weapon to train here is rather efficient. It would behoove you
to spend some time here to collect Stiff Feathers.

Blue Mushroom Forest is a very archer-friendly place. In the Forest East of
Henesys, go to the top platform and look for a woodpost on the left side. Hit up
there to enter Blue Mushroom Forest. The Blue Mushrooms here are great training.
Unfortunately there are many other weaker monsters around to block shots.

I went to Perion Street Corner and circled the map. Every monster drops an item
you need, whether it's for quests or Processed Wood. This is no place for a
melee weapon, so make sure you bring a class-specific weapon!

At level 22-24, you might want to start hunting monsters that correspond to any
quests you may have activated. It takes a while to find everything to complete
every quest available, but you get good money and EXP for it. At level 24, I
even went to Deep Ant Tunnel II to get Evil Eye Tails.

SUMMARY: Pig, Ribbon Pig, Dark Stump, Axe Stump, Green Mushroom*, Horned
Mushroom*, Blue Mushroom

Level 25-30
Your damage output should be high with all new equipment. There aren't many new
places to train; I myself stayed at the mushroom trees until level 30.

At this point, most players will begin accepting you into their parties for the
PQ. Make sure you have the best equipment available, otherwise you will have a
harder time getting into a party.

While hanging around Kerning City, head into the Subway. Two monsters here are
good training: Bubblings and Stirges. Watch out for clusters of monsters though.

You can now train at Ant Tunnel without fear of dying. However, mages love this
place, and they will probably steal your kills here.
SNIPING SPOT: In Ant Tunnel I, near the portal to Ant Tunnel II are two small
platforms. Stand on the right platform, face left, and start attacking. You can
hit most monsters from here, and you're relatively safe from Zombie Mushrooms.

The top floor of Burnt Land I holds many Dark Axe Stumps, which drop the level
35 armors, among other good items. Once in a while, a Fire Boar may spawn up
there, and it's rather powerful for your level, so be careful. To get here, go
2 maps south of Perion, then look for a cave with a sign reading "Burning Zone"
on top. The Burning Zone consists of five maps; however, only the first two are
alright for training. Don't go to the second map until level 35.

Try a map called Over The Wall, which has many stump-type monsters. They are
slow, there are platforms for you to attack from, and they drop the level 35
armors for males.

If you have spare money to burn, load up on arrows and travel to Ossyria. Right
inside Orbis Tower are Jr. Sentinels. These last a long time before dying, but
do very little damage for their level. Keep in mind that you cannot make arrows
in Orbis.

Aqua Road contains some training areas, but getting there at this point would be
too tough because of the monsters on the way there. I suggest not going to Aqua
Road for a few more levels.

There is one place in Ludibrium that can possibly work for training. In EOS
Tower, there is a great sniping spot on the 71st floor. Right by the bottom door
are three Trixters. Stand by the door and fire away. They will keep respawning,
so be careful when collecting your loot. The biggest problem is not only getting
here alive, but getting back alive.

SUMMARY: Kerning City PQ*, Green Mushroom, Horned Mushroom, Bubbling, Stirge,
Zombie Mushroom, Axe Stump, Dark Axe Stump, Jr. Sentinel, Trixter
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Spots to train Archers
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