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 The ultimate Perma Beginner guide!

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PostSubject: The ultimate Perma Beginner guide!   Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:22 pm

If you think the other classes that you've played then why not be a Beginner? A Perma Beginner! They're fun but they're hard to level due to the lack of power, skills, and accuracy. But when you get the hang of this "job" it gets really fun. They're also partial Perma beginner guides if you don't like Beginners without skills. The other guides I don't really like but they give you skills to help you out. But let's not talk about that and talk about this guide . It's good to stay pure -_-.

There's two types of Perma Beginners. Islanders and Off-Islanders. Islanders stay on Maple Island and Off-Islanders go to Victoria.

Why be a Beginner Pros and Cons
Higher raw damage than warriors
Other players will be in awe at you only if you're about level 30

Hard to train
May start the disease of 'boredness'
Laughed at from other people for not taking a job
Saying it's a waste of time

^^ If it's a waste of time making a specific class, why are you even playing the game? That's wasting time

Dice Roll
On your Dice Roll you should have the following:

STR: 10-13
DEX: x
INT: x
LUK: x

Those are the best stats you can roll as a Island Beginner. You really don't need DEX on Maple Island because you can hit all the monsters with DEX 4. STR 11-13 is better than 10 because 10 let's your other AP go into the other stats but 10 is fine.

STR: 10-13
DEX: x
INT: 4
LUK: 4

These are your Off-Island Beginner stats in at the generation screen. INT/LUK are not needed because they don't help you as a Beginner. DEX can be anything and can be "fixed" later because you're going off the island to Victoria where you'll need to hit stronger monsters to level.

AP Distribution
AP is just like a Warrior but not as much DEX needed. Your DEX should be capped at 60 -70, preferably 60. Each DEX point gives 0.8 Accuracy and if you need more you can easily DEX Scroll items. All the rest of your points into STR because INT/LUK are not needed. Your DEX should be capped at about level 40.

SP Distribution (for kMS only)
You have three snails. Agility Tickle, Recovery, and Snail Shell. Snail Shell throws shells at opponents for damage (don't get this, it's weak). The max level of each skill is 3. Agility Tickle boosts your speed from time to time. Recovery allows you to recover more HP once in a while. You only get 6 SP as a beginner so use them wisely..... Max all skills besides snail shell throwing.

There are only a few weapons that beginners can use. Your main weapon should be Snowboards at LV36+ for GLOBAL or Sake Bottle for SEA. On Maple Island you can get a Leather Purse from Orange Mushrooms. That's the highest level item obtainable on Maple Island. If you're Off you should upgrade your weapons whenver you can. And always get the best weapon available.

level 1-8: Get a 19 att Club. A 20 ATT does less DMG because it's a dagger/cutter class weapon.
level 8-10: Use the Fruit Knife. It's quick and powerful for these levels
level 10-15: Use the Double Axe. You can buy it if you're Off-Island or find one on Island.
level 15-20: Use the Leather Purse if you're on or off Island. It doesn't matter. It's your only weapon choice.

level 20-30: Use the fish spear. The fish spear is your friend . It gives you an Accuracy up and speed up while giving you some nice damage as a spear. Get a frozen tuna, but it won't last for that long as your weapon will change at level 30 or 36 depending on your version (only SEA has frozen tuna for now).

level 30-36: Use the aluminum bat if your fish spear is weaker. But I don't really recommend it for the loss of accuracy and speed. But eh, you'll have to get rid of the fish spear at some time Razz. If you're in SEA, get a Sake Bottle. If you want, get a Red Whip. They're cool and you can scroll it because 60% one hand swords are cheap. A Korean Fan is okay too.

level 36-48: If you have a Sake Bottle, keep it. If you're in Global, get a gold snowboard. Snowboards are the beginners friends . If you want, you can scroll it nicely (with either 10% or 60%, and 100% is fine)

level 48-60 If you have a Sake Bottle, stick with it. If you don't, and you're in SEA, get a nice GDS (green dragon sword, or the guan yu polearm). But if you're in either version, get a Dark Snowboard if you can't afford a GDS. Snowboards are hella cheap in SEA.

level 60+ Use a nicely scrolled Blood Snowboard. Lucky people in SEA can buy them for 10k ea then ruin them with 10 %s -_-

In the future, if the "maroon" mop comes out, you should get it. And scroll it . If you ruin it, it doesn't matter, it's still freakin godly Razz


For starters, if you have the Mark of Beta use it. If you come across a Maple Bandana Blue, use it, it adds 3 to all skills. If you're in SEA, get a Brown Bandana, it adds 5 accuracy.

When you get to level 25, if you didn't scroll 10% helmet def with the above successfully (3+ Accuracy) then get a Green Bamboo Hat and use 10% helmet defs to scroll it. It's low in price so it's not much of a loss if you ruin your hat.

On to the higher levels. If you have high fame (88+) get a Zakum Hat (1) if you're rich enough. It adds a godly 15 to all stats (STR/DEX/INT/LUK) and 20+ Avoidability and Accuracy. That's amazing woah-OMG. If you can afford it Razz

Body Armor
When you're low level, armor doesn't amtter. Just get what's adequate for your level and looks cool.

I don't know if bathrobes are out yet but if they are. Choose what you think is best. Speed or Avoidability? Choose a bathrobe sf you want speed and scroll it with DEX and sauna robe for avoidability. And scroll that with DEX too. If you don't wanna waste too much on 60% overall DEX scrolls and you don't want to spend alot and risk losing it with 10%s then use 100%. They add DEX +1 each so you can get a DEX +10 and Speed or Avoidability +10 Sauna or Bathrobe easily with 100 %s.

The Sauna robe is you main body armor. If you start to ahve a lack of accuracy then scroll a better Sauna or work glove.

As a beginner you will always use the work glove. Scroll it with DEX or ATT. That's all that's needed to be said.

Either choose sneakers at level 30 or the level 26 whitebottoms. It's either 3 mroe DEF or 3 more speed. 3 def only takes off about none to barely a single damage point when taknig a hit. Scroll your shoe with DEX using 10% or 60% jump scrolls. You can 100% ist, too using speed and jump or DEX.

Other Armor info
You can use earrings too for the extra DEF also. And if you use one handed weapons shields don't hurt. Anything else you can use. It's your player not mine. If you get a cape, get raggedy cape at level 25 then an Icarus (2) at level 42 and keep the Icarus.

Training Grounds for Beginner
level 1-18: Stay on Maple Island and train at Dangerous Forest where there's a nice, peaceful, constant spawn of orange mushrooms. It's nice exp there. Slime tree in Elinia would work nice along with the orange mushrooms at Maple Island.

level 18-24: Go to Damp forest and kill the Octopus and slimes there. It's okay exp.

level 24-31: Joining PQ exped Beginner!!! You get the point. The items you get (except ores) will help out, too.

level 32-40: Gratz if you actually got this far. You can try bubblings now along with horny mushrooms/green mushrooms. You might have a chance with the boars right now, too. Im ludi, go for trixters. They drop tons of Kfans and alu bats pretty quickly. My friend got 3 in elss than one hour and 2 alu bats.

level 40-46: If the boars were too strong back then you can try them out now. Kittens drop good items and are nice exp aside the fire boars. You might chance with Evil Eyes at this level.

level 46-50: You can try Jr. Wraiths and Curse Eyes. But if you can't take them you can stay at Gardens with the kittens. If you want to scroll your cape with DEX go to ticks and kill them for their 60% DEX cape scrolls (but the spawn is bad there).

level 50-60: If you get here, I'll bow down to you. Train at Wraiths in B3 or subway, copper drakes at perion, anywhere with monsters that give more than around 90 exp per kill and you can easily kill them is okay.

level 60+ Train on what you feel like here. You're basically on your own here since only i think, two? people got this far.

Final Words and Credits
Me (writing guide). Wizet/Nexon/Asiasoft (for the game, though Wizet and Nexon don't do anything really). This guide is only to be used on BaislMarket. If you want to post it anywhere else PM me for my consent. TY and enjoy!

(Credit goes to AznBadBoi9 of the basil forums.
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The ultimate Perma Beginner guide!
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